Bugtraq-Team was founded in 2011 and was consolidated in 2012, has since evolved exponentially and today we still hunger for exploring new frontiers. We are an innovative group with different qualifications and knowledge of computer security... Since our inception our group lived and learned with other known hacking groups at international level. We also have years of experience working in security consulting, Unix systems administration, gesture of incidents, technical service, and social networking sites.

If something we can point our group is that to date each specializes in their field and work to try to find new bugs, and current ways that are used by cyber-terrorists to undermine the systems of your company.

The Bugtraq-Team founders are:


Christian specializes in monitorization and control networks (Snifing), audit frequency 802.11 (Wireless, Bluetooth, and RFID) and mobile phone, malware, pentesting, forensic analysis. Currently working for a security company, performing functions tracker on the network and systems administrator and security.


Currently working with UNIX systems in a bank entity. He has extensive experience in the world of Open Source, Linux / Unix. Specialized in pentesting especially in the world of injections in databases, software testing for the detection of potential bugs and then exploit their potential construction as well techniques attacks for control of the system.

The Bugtraq-Team members are:

Nineain - $DoC - snakingmax - Sdh - T31m0 - ikseth - Ozyart