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    Some Powerfull Bugtraq-II Features:
    More than 500 Ethical Security Hacking tools installed and configured.
    Avalible in 11 languages.
    Download it in XFCE, KDE o Gnome.
    Real-Time System monitored by Conky desktop.
    Avalible in 32 bits and 64 Bits Arquitecture.
    Fast and Optimizied.

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    Bugtroid APP, now avalible
    for Android

The Most Powerfull And Advanced GNU/Linux Penetration Testing Technology

We are a group of experienced freaks and developers.

We set new standards in user experience & make future happen.


Bugtraq system offers the most comprehensive, optimal, and stable with automated services manager in real time distribution. This distribution based on the 3.2 and 3.4 kernel Generic available in 64 Bits has a huge range of penetration, forensic and laboratory tools. The systems are available in 11 different languages.

Easy to use

Bugtraq-Team provides services and products ease of use. Our commitment goes beyond a product or service pointer technologically innovative, also concerned that easy use for almost any individual.


You can install our distribution from a Live DVD or USB drive. Depending on your desktop environment, the features vary. The minimum requirements are based on XFCE and KDE. 1GHz x86 processor & 512 MB of system memory 15 GB of disk space for installation.


One of the novelties of bugtraq is its wide range of tools in different branches. We can find mobile forensic tools, malware testing laboratories, tools of the Bugtraq-Community, audit tools for GSM, wireless, bluetooth and RFID, integrated Windows tools, tools focused on ipv6, and typical pentesting and forensics tools that should not miss in Bugtraq-II.


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